Sports Leadership Institute

The Sports Leadership Institute offers unparalleled opportunities for sports leaders to come together and engage in a truly exceptional experience. Here, they can not only share best practices and lessons learned, but also delve into the intricacies of behind-the-scenes strategies. This institute provides a safe and supportive environment for discussing the most crucial issues and challenges faced by sports leaders. With a focus on fostering collaboration and innovation, the Sports Leadership Institute creates an atmosphere that enhances the overall quality of the discussions and amplifies the impact of the shared knowledge.

The Global Sports Summit, Champions Summit, and Collegiate Sports Summit stand as unparalleled private and exclusive sports leadership forums, meticulously crafted by the community, for the community. Within these extraordinary gatherings, Conversations with Legends emerges as a virtual leadership platform, igniting a profound aspiration to inspire and perpetuate visionary leadership and forward-thinking. By serving as architects of the future, we cultivate an interconnected ecosystem that fosters the cultivation of best practices and revolutionary ideas capable of shaping the very fabric of leadership, sports, and society. While the content was born in the wake of the 2020 global pandemic, the invaluable lessons in leadership endure as timeless beacons of insight and wisdom.

Summit Leaders

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Amadou Gallo Fall

President, Basketball Africa League

Michael Rees

Co-President, Founder, Head of Dyal Capital

Cynt Marshall

CEO, Dallas Mavericks

Rachel Fisher

Senior Advisor, President’s Council on Sports, Fitness & Nutrition

David Blitzer

Co-Managing Partner Philadelphia 76ers, New Jersey Devils, Crystal Palace FC

NYSS Champions

Sports Leadership Institute x National Youth Sports Strategy

We’re proud to be recognized as an NYSS Champion for promoting Youth Sports and supporting Health Gov’s National Youth Sports Strategy! Learn more about all the #NYSSChampions and getting involved for a great cause NYSS Champions work to promote youth sports in their communities and help achieve the NYSS vision: that one day, all youth will have the opportunity, motivation, and access to play sports.

Your organization can apply to become an NYSS Champion if it: Promotes youth sports — for example, by offering youth sports programs or providing financial support. Has a mission that aligns with the NYSS vision. Agrees to sign a partnership agreement and trademark license to outline how the organization supports the NYSS vision.